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April 8, 2009
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Battlestar Galactica poster by mruottin Battlestar Galactica poster by mruottin
This was probably my biggest poster-project so far.

Dozens and dozens of Photoshop layers (128 to be exact), countless hours of airbrushing and photomanipulation and a whole lot of editing and re-editing. And all in actual poster size!

But hey, it's Battlestar Galactica! You got to do something to celebrate the greatest science fiction of all time, right? ;)

This is also a homage to Drew Struzan -style movie posters.

Recently I did a Caprica -poster [link] in similar style too.
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Rictor-Riolo Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
My take on this is finished. Hope you like it here:…
mruottin Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Looks very very cool! :)

I really admire your attention span in making these works. I gotta rush things done in a week or so or I will lose interest and never finish them :D
harbingermike5 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
wow nice i want it
mruottin Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! :)

Sorry, I can't make prints of this without the permission from NBC Universal. :(
Rictor-Riolo Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Well it's been a couple years... if you recall I told you I wanted to do a drawing based on your Struzan styled poster... well tonight I finally finished drawing it! I hope you like it. I plan on coloring it real soon. Do you notice the subtle differences? [link]
mruottin Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Whoa, very cool! :)

Yeah, the changes look very fitting to this piece of art. I actually pondered adding chief Tyrol too...
And I did add the whole final five to one version in their glowing cloaks from the Opera House scene,
but then there were a bit too much glowing stuff :D

This looks so defined in black and white that it must be a very difficult task to find the right colors,
but I'm sure you'll succeed! :)
Rictor-Riolo Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
I want to do The Walking Dead like this next. Then after that Maybe Star Wars? Game of Thrones? I have done a few True Blood portraits but nothing in this style.
Thanks for the kind words. I am gonna do a litte bit more and make Tigh 15% bigger and add a couple vipers flying and a Basestar by Adama.
Where is your other Galactica "glowing" one?
mruottin Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I would think The Walking Dead would work very well with your style. Star Wars is a bit scary one since it has been done so many time so awesomely, so it's kind of hard to top those :D

Oh, I deleted the glowing final five version. There was way too much glowing! :D It would actually be cool to snapshot work versions along the process, since my posters tend to change so much.
BolianAdmiral Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I LOVE this! I would love to be able to buy it as a full-size poster!
mruottin Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! :)

I'd love to sell it, but those Cylons at Universal would
probably send centurions after me if I tried! :D
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